The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 20, 1957

winKMsnAY, ovr.MP n ?. mi. THr, OTTAWA JOURNAL 33 TELEVISION CBOT . tK10. Kttftt . 4 T. T mi raoT 4 XOpn rlffuee 4 tnHmtr Do-dr ui( Part”?. I Maia Tl Tin O0 Toe AftvtMrt of LerteeHH. HM’MIW TBae) Ptettnia. . oas – ? TaJled fnayiand. t H-Wvik Ear. 00 TV Theatre, 10 Jerry UM SUW ! OaWNewa – 1 lVlertr I.S3 Ttveaire Beyat ‘ (4i 7 et awn I oo -afpir Oft RaMte.fn4e .” atlflMtt ; I ” ) “v’ owne a 1 lain Mratoare. 4 mwr ID W Mtev. eo, pnerrfa. i 1 I TMistriil ill l-IW X J It l TelepoUner, ZT and RADIO f Ttee JeeruL t tJ-msB””. finnf1 rahed , iTh Rake’s Pmtri. It is’ Tho ‘ni Fth1! to b rpt4 ThtirocUr’ Leaiu dm not prmlt live afternoon l IM television tort rat a of iU lames, This it the simple answer Older Girls Enjoying Land Ranger Program ( umrxm, f. tew Kit to in Unpnrt Jfcfcfci; Norui AnWfH Tti Jr rn ki, MMk lutnt her. riewt Un April M. Ult eUtaro Of TTeoe, ,. .. !. . – t,i .4 nnmni LUilHILul its ” Mr;. Frank RvanY I wcn y-carth age is, ‘u!.” eM-u!1 Entry Is Second THURSDAY, VOVEMBKB ft. 1 ar Film: KntMUHw Gentl-ot-meA ,, 4 M-Owfi House ‘ ; 4 -V-Howdy Door 0 Mftf fvt Muggins. 1 Oiil4fn ntrrutMHial Newarewl. I M—The Iom IU nr. .’ i Pii fill, 7 I 1 n&m-TMttlitiA MrGrew. !0Musie Makers II I -W–Tia Tepp Hoom. CB0FT Channel t. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, so Bowno. u SJO-I-a holla lurprla… So ryperatloni mytlirM. 4 Oft La via oul hat 3J Bulletin W.I d ‘Information. II no Houl ComopoUUn. f Hbdo-poru. . l J l 1 o( Lllr 7 I TaUjournal. nimnviKint .ina rjaru ana itiin umimunr” !.. t.-.,, …r s Th lrt Land Ranw Vom- Umn. Tbn h -l up t mho w Jmrtran Tu im aciu. ti panr, mlnt In 8t Mat- re: nay wa;ar, Diann rvrs:”, ‘ith.- Chuh. Jfftno. M.U OmUf. “‘” ; ; f In ( ha tImI rltKiAm rAm u a, jlndud?. rrl. from 1$, to tl , rt vu hkl ,hn Arl,n; .jrfara or at. TM protram la aru Kmthartn Par. Ill triDKcapar, xoviaraia n. t M WarM Maws. ‘ fto Carry Mera 10 M Arthur (MlrtT n. 1 1 ao Canaan Tha. 1 1 no Hotal Caamapoll la. !I It Lffa ot Ula. 110 Twalva-Thirrt Thaaira’ Ctr Tna Daiaraa! Cauntry-wllh Canaan Laa. I -Waltr Croalllta. itn Tnaalrt. . oa Baai Tha Cta.-k-4 jo Houwpartr. . 100 North Country Mama. 9 30 Tha Varairt ( Yaora. 4 00 far Your Information. 4 la Barrat atom. 4 JO Early Movta’ MlfM Nuno”. JO Kmoiaa- Karnral , a oft Mr Lmla Mugim. 0 .to . 0 J laral N.wa. , 0 40 Sportaanp. 0 t Oouala. E4yiro. T no Zano Crar- Xoaolra. 7 .10 WhlrlyblnM. -., 00 Tha CalilornlaM. ‘ ‘ -0 JO Mark Banar. 0 00 Pat Boona. 0 30 I’va Cat A Earrat. 10 00 Hthy p(tnl. tojo vy.lur winch.ll Tin. 1 1 00 Lata New. 11.13 rrmer. Partormanra rall.n Ana.l”. with Andrew. Linda, Darnel!, TNUBaOAY, NOVEMBEB 11. 0 33 World New.. 1000-Gerry Moora Show. 10 .10 Arthur GnUlrey Show. 1 1 .JO cartoon Theatre rno ncoDi’ Wh lint to-J ‘ ‘ . j … – tons acted aa hoateaMi m mattieottonrY CBC Vaan ‘fn,rJ’-.Cup w,,! 8 ld,,enurt ln t00″ ””-j Mooney. Jane . Thompson.1 when ntracta wert i wt pttiuon for th cup at the Renter Company camped at Brown, Roral winter Fair Hnra yvooiiej ana mousn ne radio stations aeeured ex- Tonlfht’s chilly The followlnc proficiency , bad(ea were- awarded: flrat; 8how. Tha wlnnloE horae weather was on the CTTIA ?Bd iWMB1 QulU- ‘ -trey Wln’W’; tlw Renters en)oyrt !t-,,d c,rt, w. Katherine Cr 0a owned by Mr. Kilott. Their eooklnr. -neiuded a p,., ,udy rjeaiourlera and cluatva rights. broadcast it oa Itaru at 10 JU. i -rv,. v . t4rk no lean, although we ” “‘Trn;.” – ” “Next Year” the CBC aava – — ‘ ,, : ” ‘ v, . .ajuaoetn , Stevenson; nome- nhinEa mMbedfctnrV ow ,-tf -lady, doubt t this was done out- Elisabeth SleYenaon;! th!r SJH,J. neelrk .m’Ph-eton waa Hawthorn eo- door.’ On this occajlon MUa p t y nl Mtend right scroai.the coun rarrn4, jjbert,,1Ue. III. fee- Hm company, waa enrolled as Slf,enson; MargEet LefebYre: Would It fet’Wbl. Tou ?d” ” M .,,r”.r!.,,,r”;”rn’1 h.Eer, camper.. ‘mar tk to sltn a one-same nay-; ” — ‘suiker, woodman and the iwntr”t wth the WlVS ” “.Han. U-WOOdC”,t ” ‘ dgea. UleYlss th. third game Bat- i if”‘1 ‘ ,M,ld’ “”l’i.r . !w-fTh “dlit badgt went to! urday night (If there la ”'” n i ‘ ‘me- -‘ – ; Joan spice Alayne Btanltorth third game)? ..ton, Ont. , “bin at C a m i Woolsey.tnd M4 tt . The CBC doean’t think w. niTmZn2& ‘ “‘ PT ” !7,.tehi? i ,h GaW Company. I but Eccordln, to Ottawa’! ‘chSO- hen . number ofrownles! ‘sources, has tried. Which, l tnhn B.iriioi an . . n.-a, u . ”J .1- went upu tha 8th Oulde migrant who once owned a chain of 32 restaurants In Chicago and had a four million dollar fortune,, died penniless Tuesday. He went f SO Clnefeullleton “Berry IJe epieodei. “4S Leg r.’j)leglen. trmih.dnure. ‘ S 00 La point d’lnterrngation. S 30 La lamllla Ploulle. no Paya at mervelllee. f 30 La pan.lon Velder. 10 00 Lutu (Wre.Ulns), 11 00 Tel. Journal. 11 10 Nouvellee eportlvea. 11 IS Teleoollelar. TBIIRIDAY. NOVEMBEa il, 00 Mire de verification S Aujmirrl’hui a CBOPT S oo Lone matraga: “Son copaln.” 4 JO Bnntno. 5 on La hotta a eurprtaea, S 30 La rtvlera perdue. S 00 Bn forme. 0 30 Bulletin local S’lnlormatloni Ban ce aolr. 0 4S Carrefnur 7 IT Tel T.letntirn.f f 30 Cln.faullletnn “Barry 13 30 Twelve-Thirty Theatre “The Great Gilbert and ley. Mautii I lW-Waller Cronklte. 1 30 Theatre Icontlnuad). 3 00 Beat the Clock. 3 30 Moueepertv. 3 00-The nig Payoff, 3 30 Tha Verdict I Ynura. 4 00 For Your Information. 4 IS Secret Slorm. 4 30 Early Movie. “V O. I.” 3 30 Kiddle.’ Karnlval 0 0O My I.lllle Margie. 0 30 Weatherman. 0 JS Local New.. 0 40 Sporlacap 0 4S Diugla. Edward. 1.0U 1 Remember Mama. “Army Wile” 7 30 Silent Service: “The rtquell Il.h ” R no Harhnrmarter. ft so Climax. . B .10 PlavhoiiM 00 II on The Late New. , 11 IS Wre.tllng from think, Is encouraging. BRIEF BITS: Paul Anki will be Interviewed on Claae-Up this Sunday night, and Is also Kheduled lor a luesthtokrUpt durln the flint nn fmm Cawarla Ult … . r sion oi the iwo’s, rarsar a weea. irom oatur-dav. 8ame ororram has ,-uJ”t?n.’.””J-hr’ Mo despatched (or Is about to) manes i empieton to eweaen to prepare, among other I TeeVee Laffs i i ‘ i i v ax m m Tii’-1 IE E lad lowaki ,Tf 1 ……. ….. …,-1 “H ” ! u7 U-l ” V. , J. “‘ Company recenUy, parenUi end table The curuins Pr;i,nd friends attinded’ the sent a problem because they,c.rt mony. Th0oe who walked haIe. ? wlnd VV r Nnclf 0wn. Char-1 and 60- long and I they want ., TrounseU and SyWla to get material which. If pos oi.-v,. m,..- , sble, wUl blend in with the;. 1sth p . from tht natural wood of a log cabin. ;eMh. …were: VtieTlt 8nook j While they may be able to Brblir, Blrd ,nd Catherine ria ,neir Tan via nunics ,or Hart-ssicjj; soma ot ine oinrr lotmo. nra there WM flyln..up :are not at al dverse’to ac- cer.mony for who flrw icepUng donatio. 8o. If ny-;u from th, 4tn Pack one has chesterfield or easy ;were Llnd, conn,,,,, chair etc., which they dont .EmmoU Margret Hueston, know what to do with, the Sandra j, Ann Farr0W( ;Land Rher would be iW 8uttn Rhoades and Caroiyn I to know bout It. Iwasakl. Mrs. A. h. Pritchard, Cardinal Relfbls. district commissioner was The Brownies and Girl nrrwnt ts cnnrinct the cere al Guides of Cardinal relghtSmony -and present their wings nave Deen very Dusy. in me!to the girls. They were wel-73rd and 80th Brownie PMks.icomed Into the Guide Com pany by Mrs. Q. W. Robert- SPECIAL OF THE’ WEEK put?in pie EACH 45 REGULAR PRICI 55 SAVI 10 WOMDItnillY CUSTaVRlWf MOOTM FRIfH TAtTINO SPKT riAVOUR Priced fo av yea 10 this wk RADIO WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 20. ‘So-you’ve seen ’em be- who flew -up were: Carol fore you watch reruns on Brown, Donna Mooney, Wendy TV don’t you?” Want Ads Lafleur, Laurel Madien, Mar-‘quick results. son, the captain. bring t.M fjn. CXCB Mawa: Menu Mualcal. CXOY New., all- CraA Bpm-ta at Bli Car Counaellor. 1.10 P m. fPSO Continental Carouael. 41 .. CXOH tin homme et ann pacha, p.m. 4W.O Vnlre. In Concert. CVTIA Nawa; Show- Mil. 7.IS p.m. CKCH Necrologta. ‘ 7.11 pat. CBO Zntroduetlon. CKCH Cllnlqua du Coeur. CXOY Kata Allien. 1.40 p m. CBO Interview with Carl Jungh. 144 p.m. CKOY Ai.lgnment., . CKCH La Comedle. 1.30 p.m. CBO Chamber Muetc. I ll p.m. CrXA New.. Lee Lye Show I The Keyboard. 1 CBO 10 p.m. CKOY New.. 10.10 p.m. CBO Journal and Letter.. CPBA We.tern Fool- bell final. CKOY New.: SporU. CKCH lecture da .ehevet. 11 41 p.m. CBO Mu.te of Beethoven. CKCH l.e Monde ee aolr: chantoo- neltea. CKOY ‘New.. Midnight Matinee. . aa i . im a ra. -1 w”. aaw -. . v , – k -bbv- , . .- . – … xw . ia iw v a ( – ‘ “-” aeaawaiai. gwa . tJA0mw aWT i THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11. CBO Wake Up, CPBA New.. IMu.le. CKCH Badio Bevell Matin, 42KOY New.. Mualcal Clock. . 114 a.m. tBO New. and . Ed’. aportacaat. CKCK Nawa; Sport.. CPBA New.: Sporla. CKOY Newt: SporU. S.1S a.m. CBf Devotional. CPBA Bunny Jim. CKCH Rltournellea. 10 a.m. CBO M.rch Pad. 0 a.m. CBO Mu.le In tha Morning. (TPBA New.: Caalno: Croehy Corner. CKCH Chamonelte.. CKOY N.wa: Jay and Oln(er. 1 14 a m. ‘ CBO Cdn. Varna. CFBA Oorothv Dlx. a.m. CKOY Naw. Make . Belleva Ballroom. – CPBA Newa: Bobbin Along. CKCH Chanaonettea. )0.1S a.m. CBO Kindergarten. 10.30 a mr CBO Women’. Talk.. CPBA Top Tunea. CKCH 50 par tout. 10.43 a.m. CBO New.: Sweet Hour of Prmyet CKCH Je al tant alma. 11.00 a m. CBO Another Chance. JKOY Newa: M B Ballroom CPBA New.: Bobbin’ Along. CKCH Pran Louvaln: 11.10 a.m. CBO Canadian Yarna CKOY Our Gal Sunday. 11.I0 a m. tKOY Vie Hill Show 13 Noon. . ejBO BBC New.:, CPBA Boundup. CKCK Newa: Edlnant. 11.14 p.m CBO Palee Prom. – Lire. CgtOY Pick the Hitt. 11.10 p.m. CBO Perm Bdrat. CKCH Revell Rural. CPRA New.: Heppr Wandere a. CKOY Newa. SporU: vie Hill. 1 00 p m. CBO CBC Newa. CFRA Newa: M-a- Da.v: caalno. CKOY Newa Vic Hill. CKCH B.rilo Journal I II p.m. CBO Happy Gang. ‘ CKCH Mualoua mlliulre. 1.10 p.m. CKCH Page, de vie. CFRA Bobbin’ Along 1.41 p.m. CBO Old and New. 2.90 p.m. CBO T-C Metinee CFRA New.: Bobbin Along. CKCH Nouvelle. el Mualr.le. ‘ CKOY Newa: Ray. Steven.. 1 14 p.m. CKCH Latin Rhythm. !. n.m. CBO Muic by MrMulltn. CFRA New.: Joan Baxter CKCH Rhythm. Chaaon.. I ll p m. CBO PM Thealra. CFRA Bob Hope. 4 p m. CBO Encore.. CKOY Newa. Rav Steven-CKCH Chanaonetle.. 4 10 pm. CBO ‘ Aualraliao Songa. CPBA Money Man. Showbill CKCH Noa Vedetlea. 3 44 p.m. CBO Voicea That Live. CFRA New.: Showbill CKOY Newa: M,-B Ballroom. CKCH New.. , S.IS p.m. CBO Lullaby ln Rhythm. , CKCH Hit Parade. 3.30 p m. CBO Rawhide. CKCH Hit Parade. 4 14 p.m. CFRA SporU at Sis. CKCH New.: Muilc CKOY New.l Sport.. CBO . New.. Sport. -‘ rim.. Summary (.43 p.m. CKCH Un homme et eon peche-1.4 p.m. cro Cue (or Mueir play-by-play CFRA New., enowoin. CKOY New.. Ballroom CKCH Recitation du chapelet. I ll p.m. CFRA Showbill. CBO Roving Reporter CKCH Necrllogie. 1.30 l CBO Deaigned for You CFRA Limelight CKCH Cllnlqua du Coeu. . CKOY Kale Alike. 1.00 pm.’ CBO Praliia Jlay-; houaa. ‘ CFRA Llmellghl. CKCH Lei Artlatel . da ranom. CKOY Alignment. 3.10 p.m. CKCH leux du Coeur et de la’ Rlma CBO Clllien’i Forum. I ll p.m. CBO Mainly About Book. CFRA New.. Lea Lye. CKOY Court ad Opinion. CKCH A- voire aan. , 0.13 p.m. CKCH Vancouver Concert A and A Army Surplus J Montclslr, Hull PR1-3753 ‘ NEW MankeU, double Den alia. ..$3.73. A Singer Sewing Machine la veryone’a dream. Sea our aelectioa Srat art 104 Rfdenu St. CX4-Q303. ANGORA I love., aweater., sklrU, Jumper, aecceeorlee. Orton’a Reg’d. SO Bank. .. ASK Santa Claue to give you a r.raetical wearable gift, qual-ty dreaaea. coata, aulU. Stain ‘ Broa.. 303′ Bank. hRES9ES. Sporljwear, ipeci.l-Izlng .izea 5-1 S. Modern Miea, 104 Bank. DRESSES, eutta. coaU. blouaea, kiru, haaiery. Judy .Hall. 1S3 Bank. . – EXCLUSIVE youthful , alia.. 13′, -33. My Fair Lady, 174 Bank. : , GIFT aelectlona at Wolfa’a. 18S , Bonk. Dreaaea, . aporUweax. lingerie, boae. , GIVE car waah ticketv from Minute Car Wa.h. 240 Catherine. SEE Crawford Motor and Cvele Repair., 3070 Scott. PA3-34O0. JIFTY Car Waah. Gilt book.. S 13.30. 10 10. 339 Bideau. BLONDIN Motorl. Limited. IDS Montcalm. Hull. Genuine Ford aeceaaoriaa. PR7-S23I. For Your Holiday Glamor DONNA Beauty Salon. Speciala on tinting and permanent.. CE3-S334. GEORGE S Beauty Salon. 374 Elgin. CF.a-.707. Neweat hair atylea by our top Engllth atyllat. AT Creighton.’ are the flneat and freaheat .elect quality of flower, and flowering pl.nt. for ChrUtmaa. 333 Elgin, CEO-3671. i things, a report on the morals i of that country . .-. CBC press ; .!.. ri,iM, tv… .h. un even schedule of Wayne andlLi Shunter nrnarame, this season Is designed to test loyalty of the audience. That the CBC would sacrifice Its only successful comedy show to test loyalty, is of course, possible but let’s be charitable and assume that some press and Information chap Just thought tlus would make a good press release . . . Trial of Patrick Whelan. scheduled for Follo .ImU4 . Ill Ik. largest cast ever assembled 1 l?BWW:W!Wwwwiw for a CBC drama. Sixty-six, t II i I IIJ ‘ ‘ II, ‘ i J il I m ‘I I ‘ 1 ””Jl.ll JXT count m. with a Dreiionder-m i ? JtWl v ‘l nVa ‘”4 ‘ .ta ‘ ‘ J .: ‘ v ‘ . . . ance oi insn accenu. . . . ‘to ‘-Jar ? I Coals to Newcastle when I Muslcmakers ’58 Imports the “”” vvoouy -nernian nera lor w this week’s show. Jack Kar.e ! already has a fine orchestra. I Herman’s IS musicians, how- ever, wlll .be added to Kane’s 30 for the program. To ac- S commodate them all the 8 usual studio audience will be S dispensed with . . . Caval-jJ cauc oi aporia win De CHnuei- w led this week, alone with it Country Hoedown, to make way for coverage of the Mos- cow-Whltby hockey -game S from 9 30 to conclusion. The game will be broadcast over CBO, starting at 9 o’clock. Foster Hewitt will handle for television, with his snr: Bill Hewitt on radio . . . When CBC ran Into if trouble with the Musicians Union over scheduling of Showtime It was because the Union felt its members were being put out of work unnec’ essarlly on the two occasions when “spectaculars” were scheduled. Union wanted a clear 28 weeks of work, not 24. After much haggling the CBC announced the problem had been solved, and that extra work had been found for the musicians. The work “found” turned out to be a Sunday- morning musical spow for Howard .Cable’s concert band It was on CBO last Sunday morning at 11. HENRY Feller. 344 Elgin (Coop- , er, CE2-05A3. Dreaaea, eporu-waar, lingerie. IS Weatboro Th Agnee Bhoppe”, dreaie.. . awaatara, lingerie. PA3-1.13S. ‘LADIES’ dreaaea, coot.’, eporta-wear and lingerie. Stanroy’a, 203 Bank St.. CES-13U. 10 p.m CKOY Neva:. Talk of. Town CKCH Lea velelna d’erP race. II 10 p.m. CBO New.. CKCH Revue da L’Actu.llte. II 10 p.m. CBO EvenUde. CKOY Frank and Friend, CrBA Bermuda Bound. CKCH Lecture TO – Chevet. ll ll a.!, CKCH Le I onde eo aoa. CBO Boon Compan’ ion., J… ‘ , Workabop CKOY , Newa: Mtd- night Matlnea CPBA Newe Sport.. Norm Curtla. WEDNESDAY HIGHLIGHTS 7.10 Disneyland. “The Best Doggoned Dog ln the World”. A live action film tracing the 5 history of dogs from cave-1 man days to the present. fi t.30 Wyatt Earp. “Earp vs. H,ardln.” An outlaw bent s on eliminating Wyatt Earp 5 sets a careful trap for the it marshal. a? 9.00 Theatre. “The Sound of Trouble”, with Jack Parltz, Mildred Dunnock and JU1 MAKE It a Singer Chriatmaa. Give her a Singer Electrle Sewing Machine that will laet ‘ a wife-time. Only S10 down. Singer. Sewing Centre, 104 Rldeau. CE4-0383. SAY “A Merry Clu-UUBa. with a new Singer aawlng machine. Singer Sewing Machine Co , 138 Sparki St . CE0-7134. SPECIALIZING ladle.’ jurrTp-era. .ult.. eportswear. lingerie. Mary tin SporUwear. 134 Banlr THRILL her with dreaaea. .’ .weatara,. .portewoar, aklrta. Wliko a. J07 Bank. CECILFf P.quetta. Chrl.tma. planla, cut flnwera. 334 Rldeau. CE3-143S. EQUIP tha family at ChrUtmaa with akatea. akla, bicycle., game., ftahlng tackle, etc, from Byle. and Co The Sporunian’. Store, 303 Bank 81. CE3-0S73. CHRISTMAS flower, beautiful plant., Chez Rnec, 175 Principal. PR7-3839. MULLIGANS Ploriat. potted f ilanta. cut flower. City de-ivery. PA8-S404. JIMMY’S Beauty Salon. OIS CarlUl(. Individual hairatyl-Ing. evening parmanenu. PAS-O40O. j TWIN Beauty Salon. 1011 Bron-aon. Wedneadey, Friday eve-ntngf. CE4-PSI3. Pets tropical Corey Jealousy and revenge Say Merry Christmas aa the Aiitrnma ‘whan theitf v J , DELEGATE COLLAPSES. . WNTTBD NATIONS,. NY, Hov. SO. fta-Solt Delegate ‘ P. D. Morosot collapsed In the United Nations General As-emhly’s legal committee eearterday and was taken to hospital for treatment of a bleeding peptic ulcer. Morosov was parried from the commute room on a stretcher. He wits reported In fair condition. Journal Want quick results. Ads bring BIG a a a enough to have everything you SMALL… awmurk on that ihnpptris la rtlU eaeval and plaaaant WESTGATE’S1 are the outcome wnen wie i star 01 1 rouring vneairicai : company finds his love fori the manager’s daughter Is re- JS Jected. !l 10.6-0 Jerry Lewis Show. Jerry sings two new songs, j! “Sad Sack” and “The Lord i Loves a Laughing Man”. With him on the show: Susan Silo, ‘5 15-year-old singer, actress'” and classical pianist. I 11.2E Feature Film. Rex Harrison In “Notorious .Qen–; i I t S I S I I If WESTERN FOOTBALL PLAYOFF WINNIPEG vs. EDMONTON TONliGHT AT 10:30 OVER CFRA Presented by OTTAWA GAS With A new’ : SINGER F.LF.CTRIC PORTABLE- ” FEATHER WFJGHT ‘ $159.75 Singer Sewing Machine. Co. . 12 SPARKS CES-713 -w . , . ….. . , ij Going Formal? LADIES’ formal wtar, w-rt-dJrif. brtfimatda. fiowr t trl. Twnlr. itraii4M. fur cape. . attol-M. Mr. R. CorhU. U MEM’S. Itwdt-M’ format wtar, w-tdtftn. all oeeajuona. fur cap, atolc f-ntaU Marttn Ra)on. IM Bolton. CC3-450S, CANARIM fiah. prt suppliM. Old Fat -Siiop. im Ban. GERMAN Shepherd and papa, for your Chriatmaa giving CE3-4703. Haz.dan 44RU. LABRADOR r-etrfevcr puppi-ea. Mark, (olden, hunting, ahow, regiatered. CK3-988I Gifts for Children SKATES gratefully received by OtUwa Boys Club for-needy boys. Please telephone CE2-7509 MADE to meaaure auit for the? man of your life at Laverme Re d . U3 Montreal Rd. RH -0220 Greeting Cards CHRISTMAS cards: IotZ – Holden a Vartetr Shoo. Hiati-way 17. PA2-0143 CHRISTMAS earda. avoid L M R, datt minute ruthi. Lar elenlon of Dertrmaltxed Chrtatmaa earda, album now on diolv. Gvana and Kert Ltd.. 133 Qufch St.. CE2-1 701. OTTAWA’S Unreal and moat beautiful dlfplar of Chrtutmaa rardi. The . Da via Anencf of Ottawa Limited. 303 Soarka and CarlVniwood Shoomni Centra . ioiTTHWClX S Card Centre of Ottawa South. CNwta oure now. liai Bank. CE4-M32. . HANDIEST olace In OtUwa to ahop for re-c-nrdl. Expert rnunaetlnra. Aak about our record gift rertif.rate. Tha Davit Agency of Ottawa, Limned 303 Soarki. and Carllngwood Shonotng Centra. THETble”ciefr34-nSlateT for greateat aelectton . of rerord: Gifts for One and AH Don’t Fail fo Mali Dro you Include In your parcel a aurprlae from Bill’ Joke Bhop. 340 Bank. CE3-3070. – now availahle for ChrUtmaa at tha Odeon Ttteatre. Party Suggestions BOCG’S Barbecue. Preacort Hlxhwav, PAfl-7417. Retenr now for lestiv occasion. CARSON’S Confectionery. Groceries, Meata. Free delivery, friends, family Britannia – HUhu. PA2-3IIS; – CONTINENTAL ‘ Delicateaaen “KeTtne of Good Sauiagea”, European – quality amoked meats, poultry. 3 Byward. CE2-7025. SPORTTNG gooda for all the family. Skla, skates, ftjhtng tackle, fluna. Byshc’a. 333 Bank St. THE Meal gift ‘for the” Sported man; aporta elothtng, Wxrit, a k a t c a. flrearma. flahing tackle, archery lupphu, Hnbbycraft. aleeplng bags, c a m p I n equipment, etr. Sport a re Ltd.. w e i g a t Shopping Centre. PA3-3310. Musical Gifts MUSICAL .1(1. for all tha family, both eonf. and In.tru-menu at the Centre. 301 Rldeau St. end 330 Dal-hrual. St. CE4-0201. ANTHONY’S fine kathar govU, Itujtgaga. trunks 109 Dal-housta. CE3-3at. CANADA Put, PraaeM end Future. Beautifully Illustrated with maps,’ aketehea photorrapha and color plates. Encyclopedia Canadtana, a Encore, the nearly new Shop HIOHESTZST quality. EenUemen i. children a wear trapes, curtains., fur cvnti iackeu. amies. Manor Park ihopping Centre. – FOR the finoMt chinaware. ylaaa ware. gut, see us first C A Paradls Co. S3’a Rldeau, 3. A Dub.. Christmas Ship ping centre. 91 Marker. SHB-H3W OUTDOOR and indoor thrr-mometers. barometers, artla and drafting supplies Hughes Owena. 337 Suaaex. CE3-B4H1, RELIGIOUS artlclei. books stationery, greed rig earda. fountain pens. Desmarala Rob.-tatllc. 180 Rldeau St. ELITE Delicatessen leading ln the aelection oi Ari-eat European style sausage end deliea-teaaen. 306 Bank. CEJ-0744. EUROPEAN Delicateaaen. 4? Moigrove. CE4-9270, Imported chAcolates. GROCERIES, tmfe-rtlonery. meats, deHcteseTi KsJpenn Coanferttiwcry. Deltcatesaen. 1S4 Friel. tE3-A3M DfiLL carriagM, kindergarten seta, irons, kettles. Be n wick s Furniture. PA2-3871. FOR a good selecflon of Chriatmaa toys, a-ee Chez Matante. 131 Cumberland. Opn nightly till 10. TOYS complete select mn. Oval Sporting Goods,. 8fl Main. – CE4-2344. TOYS ! TOYS ! . Come in and tee our won- -derful selection of toys. We carry a complete stork tor every age group. F. Slovqr Ltd. 61 York St. . CE3-5877″. ICE cubes available. 37 Nicholas. Montreal Road, Richmond . Road. CE3-57S,. IF you desire the best, in pastry, you must visit. Con-stantine’f Paitry Shop. 370′ Bank..CE3-I0ft3. MOSAnCH MorefTRdfstaarani”, Hwy. 15. PA 3-30-0 Speciat- iiing chicken in bask-et.., PRESclyrTHOTELraieclali ing in Italian spaghetti pirra. also Canadian durw Dining Lounge. rRefreshmenta, 37 1 -Preston. fCE3-4317: SANDYS fteataurant and Barbecue Ltd. Special Christmas dinner. Open 34 hours’. 729 Albert. CE4-3340 SMOKED meat.’ garlic salami. . amosied beef, all -destren. Star DeUcteaieT. Bib’ Clarence St. CE4-O0l. UN Restaurant Chinese and Crunin dishes to take out, 4M Rideau St, CE4-S3M. GIVE a hobhr this Christmas, exciung gifts, wide selection at Hobhylaod,- 33d Slater. CE4-7374. . HKADQVAH.TZRS for Lionet. . American Flyer, ..Hornsby. . Rivaroasi. Tewshoda, Fleisk. man model traina and accea-aoriea. Mecanno. chemiatry – and wood burning aeit Model . Ratlrnarf Aasociatiaa. 301 Leu-rier avenue west. Hobby Tools BANDSAWS. Benchaawa Jig Sa wa. Burr Planers and JooJntera. Lather. Bench and Floor Drills. .Bench Grind-‘ era. Grinding Start dir. -Grinding Wheels. Electric Drills. E.eelrie Motora. V-Belu. V-Pulleya. Single and Multiple Drive. Lowest Price. M. Za germ art and Co, Ltd., 100 Bayview Road, Ottawa, Ont. ‘ Tel. PAt-372t. , OUCES CHRISTMAS rakee and pud-. dtnaa. 11 etnree to aerva you. Pentoti’o Bakery.- ROYAL portable typewrllen lifetime elfu Office Appll-ancea Ltd.. 370 Queen. CEO- 73S1, SEWING aifta for ChrUtmaa. Slneer Sewins Centre, Car-llniwood, PAJ-H3S4. WESTOATE Pharmacy exclusive siftwarc for dUrrtmlnit. Im ahopper., Toiletri… leatiier. cryalat. pottery. Draaa. cnina FiAI-n.110 7C Give A Gift Subscription to The OTTAWA JOURNAL Tou may order your irlft subscription by telephoning CE2-SJ21.’ Shoppers lunch BEST Ctilnewa food at your Jerty, Take out. Open I to am. .13 RIchmo-ndRd, between Winston and Churchill. PAi-37t7. CAKtTON Inn. 10J Albert, tarn- OLut for Chlncee Pood, featiir. Ins ordera to . take out. CE3-1410. , E N G L I S H Fi.h-Chip She. crroera to Take out. v t-onnor, . LEJ-OT70. t FOREMOST Chinee and Cana- dieo food.. Tako OOt. Open day and nlshi. Cafe Peria ; 34 Eddy, Hull Qua. PB1.1033. LAURlrS Beateurant. Put) eouree meela, Sih-ehipa. take on: r-‘-ra. Sl Carllos. CEJ-3vi. . , inrn Aetor Cafe. Spelaliiln( Chlneae food, take out order,, 334 Elsin. CE3-4I3I. PRINCESS Beartaurant. . Spa-hettl, barbecued chicken, hotdoo. eandwiehea. Tako out. .Open till lam. SO . Principal.. Wuu, pR7.333t ROCKCLrrFE Motel – Beaten-rant. Charcoal ateake, chicken – . rMrtjoeuea, oanojuaia, reeep tlona. BoekcUfle Arrport Be), Montreal Rd. aM-0ll, THE Belmont, where eervtre w auprrb; Quick anacka our ee. dally. 330 Sparka. IMMMMMMMMMMMM-alMMMMM – 3M BANK RT. !'”IIIWlllil1” a.e aal 4a. a. lai AOd.4.. — 1 f iita3i–‘-‘tir—T- —– – ev . -…. a. a.

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